BROWNCOFFEEMOKA is a multidisciplinary artist based in Paris.
Truly sensitive to History, art History,  ethnology, cultures, spirituality and mysticism, she always tries to get inspired by different forms of art like literature, photography, fine art, craftsmanship... 
Creating during loneliness time or during deep mediation time has always been very refreshing to her and to her art. She tends to immerse herself into ancient spiritualities to feel the mystic harmony between humans, nature and art. Flourishing with the seasons and the moon phases, she always meet new aspect of  her creative skills and wish to illustrate the vibrations and energies around her. She uses art as a spiritual session or as a prayer to the universe. She travels through times and through some past lives she has experienced.
Guided by her African and European roots, spirituality, culture and mysticism, she tends to connect her cultures in design, illustration or fashion to create peaceful and harmonious contents.
Caring about the environnement, she creates sustainably by drawing on recycled paper, by creating with reused fabrics and by connecting art and up cycling as much as she can.
To her, nature, universe and human nature must live together in order to put art, peace and harmony at the top of the world.
Her goal is to let people know that art is everywhere around us. Nature, animals, love and spirituality are part of creation. Creation is meditation, which should make people feel more tolerant, more respectful and more openminded.
She believes that art, roots and culture should guide us to embrace a flourishing life.
She follows the steps of her ancestors who managed to create harmony between animals, nature, art and humans during their journeys.  
Spirituality is also part of her creations and she puts a soul and vibrations in every piece she creates.
Creating spiritual, sacred and cultured content is unconditional.

BROWNCOFFEEMOKA is represented by the London based gallery DISRUPT SPACE.